Central Florida Freshwater Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Report
Surface Temperature: 69 Degrees
Best Time: Afternoons
Clarity: Slightly Tannic

Tip Of The Month: The bass are now beginning to feed heavily to fatten back up. Streamer fishing should still be the most productive method casting bluegill and shad imitators close to bulrushes and weed lines have produced nice action.

Techniques: Topwater season is quickly approaching and some nice ones are being caught early in the morning. But the most consistent bite has been on streamers. This is my personal favorite method to target bass. The bass are searching for various forage fish such as bluegill, shad, and shiners. Brush style flies on an intermediate sinking line have been the best way to fish in slightly deeper water or to cover water more quickly. The bass are either cruising the shallows or slightly deeper on submerged grass lines. Also some of the smaller bass have been schooling up towards the middle of the lake and have been caught on shad patterns fished towards the schooling fish.
Some more productive lakes has been Saddle Creek, Teneroc, Lake Elbert, and Lake Summit.

Hunter Towery
Peace Creek Guide Service