Central Florida Inland

Central Florida Inland – July Fishing Report


Well Forest Fishers, August may be prime time for hurricanes, but there’s some prime fishing to be had this month as well.  When skies turn grey, and winds go still, that’s the time to grab your rods and head to the closest fishing hole.  Moments before slow moving storms hit, sport fish start feeding aggressively.  Having your rods and tackle ready when a feeding frenzy breaks out in front of you, is one of the moments we anglers live for.

The bass population is thriving, and reports of trophy catches are coming in from all over the map.  Throw top-waters at sunrise to call bass in from a distance. Tip: Have a rod rigged with your favorite worm to throw at fish that strike (but miss) your topwater. Once the surface bite slows, switch to throwing craws and swim-baits. Target the outer edge of pad fields and reed patches when it’s overcast.  If you end up fishing during one of those super hot, blue-bird sky days, focus mainly on offshore humps and  deep water ledges. Tip: A good brush pile can hold several big fish and is easy to spot with any depth finder.

Often during summer months, larger specimens will wait until the sun goes down to begin feeding.  Honestly, my biggest summer bas

s have all been caught long after sundown, while quietly stargazing from my kayak.  Most people night-fishing out here, though, are targeting big ole’, delicious, channel catfish.  It’s a great way to beat the heat and relax, while you fish alongside nature’s night life.  Rodman Dam and Moss Bluff are both popular spots that include well maintained bathrooms and brightly lit parking lots, so they’re perfect for children and families of all sizes.

Whether you’re night fishing, drift fishing down a river, or on a mission for a new PB largemouth. Keep on searching for your dream spot, and enjoy the views along the way.