Central Florida Inland

Central Florida Inland – September Fishing Report


We’ve had some dang good fishing this summer for fishers, and September is one of my favorite months of the year.  This month is when fish start putting on weight, so you get a combination of good numbers along with quality size.

For bass anglers, nothing takes your breath away like watching your lure gurgle across the water’s surface and explode.  Take advantage of the great topwater bite we’re having, because this month should be its last.  Throw frogs or poppers during low-light conditions and subsurface lures, like swimbaits or worms, when it’s sunny.  To target bigger bass, focus on the outer edge of lily pad/bonnet pad fields.  Tip: Troll a shiner behind the boat to up your odds at a trophy.

Over on the St. John’s River, shrimp are doing their yearly spawn ritual.  Stripers, hybrids, and largemouth will school on the shrimp pods, and create a feeding frenzy that makes them easy to spot from a distance.  Whether you’re cast netting shrimp, or ripping crankbaits for fish, focus on river mouths and deep holes for best results.  Call your local bait shop or go online to get rules, regulations, and advice on where to launch.

This month is also prime for catfish, sunfish, gar, and bowfin.  Your best bet at a mixed bag of biggins (stripers included) would be Rodman Dam, hands down.  Shoreside anglers have plenty of room to spread out along the dam and fishing docks, while boaters have endless areas to explore along the Ocklawaha River.  Bring a multitude of your favorite rigs, because anything goes.

Whichever type of fishing you prefer, now’s the time to get after it.  Feel free to send me pics if you’d like them featured, and I’ll see you out on the water.