Central St. Johns River Fishing Report: Nov 2013

by Capt. Bryn Rawlins

November brings cooler weather to our area of the central St. Johns River and surrounding lakes and this makes fishing better. It’s a great time to be on the water for speck fishing. Whether you like trolling, jigging, or drifting with minnows, November is a great month. With the high water levels in late October we’re looking for a very productive season.

Try fishing Lake Woodruff a secluded 2,200 acre lake with an abundance of banana lilies, (dollar pads) and hydrilla and yet it still has plenty of open water for trolling. Use live Missouri minnows fished under a bobber or drop a small colored 1/16 oz jig in holes within the heavy cover. When trolling use a variety of small jigs trolled slowly across the open expanse of the lake until you locate protective areas.

One way to increase the size of your stringer is to always use the lightest line that will work for you. Ask your local fish camp for advice and current conditions. For Bass use a wild river shiner fished under floating vegetation with a weedless hook and bobber pegged at 2 ½ to 3 feet. For more realistic action, never use swivels, lead or leaders on your line and always leave plenty of slack on the water until its time to set the hook. For anglers that use artificial lures try a Devils Horse in the F-125 series. Work lure slowly around cover with a steady retrieve. Call us anytime for an updated fishing report

Forecast by: Capt. Bryn Rawlins
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