Conditions Have Not Improved Much

Conditions have not improved much on the Kissimmee Chain. Although water clarity has improved some since last month, water levels have not. Just launching your boat and getting it back on the trailer can be a major chore at any boat ramp on the chain. Bass fishing with artificial baits can also be very challenging at this time. Your one bright spot on the Kissimmee Chain is West Lake Toho. There is a lot more water in the lake and more vegetation. Southport ramp and City ramp have very nice launching facilities as well. Brown’s Point has been very consistent over the years for producing Trophy Class bass throughout the Summer months and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Slow rolling a Zoom U-Vibe Junebug Speed Worm with a 3/16 oz weight in the Kissimmee grass has produced for me.

The Kissimmee River below the State Rte 60 bridge continues to produce good numbers of bass from 2-8lbs. Best bait to use is still a weightless Senko pitched into the pads. This trend should continue throughout the Summer. Swimbaits and crankbaits are doing decent around brush piles on Lake Kissimmee.
Recent Mayfly hatches have put the bream on the warpath. Fish Eagles Nest and Lemon Point on Lake Kissimmee in open water with scattered pads. Worms and crickets are best to use for big bream. If you really want to have some fun, break out the fly rod and throw a Betts Black Ant. Fish deep water for crappie using minnows and slip cork rigs for best results.

Submitted By: Capt Dave Ochs
Waters Edge Fish Camp
10730 Camp Mack Rd • Lake Wales, Fl