Depending Where You Are

Falling water levels once again are creating hazardous boating conditions on the Kissimmee Chain for anglers and pleasure boaters alike. Caution should be used while navigating the Kissimmee Chain. Water clarity is poor at best. The water level is 1’-2’ depending where you are at on the chain. It appears after four months of constant spraying that FWC is done spraying vegetation for the time being. Cup pads, flat pods, eel grass and pepper grass is disappearing from the chain faster than chickens in Etheopia. It’s being replaced with mud and root mats and it looks dreadful. I’d say you get used to seeing this mess every year but you never really do. How will this impact the Kissimmee Chain? Most likely the bait fish will move to deeper water and the game fish, bass, crappie, and bream will be right behind them. Expect that trend to continue over the next couple of months. Once water levels come up ,water clarity improves and the vegetation starts to grow back you can expect the game fish will once again come back to the cover and 3’- 5” of water. Until this happens I’d be fishing off the cover in 6’-12’ of water. Lipless crank baits and spinner baits along with a Carolina rigged worm are probably your best bets for artificial baits. Slow trolling shiners at 1/2 mph in these open water areas should be very effective. For crappie and bream I’d be fishing 10’-14’ of water with slip cork rigs set at 7’-9’ depth. Minnows for the crappie and red worms for the bream..

Submitted By: Capt Dave Ochs
Waters Edge Fish Camp
10730 Camp Mack Rd • Lake Wales, Fl