Diving Report For July

Daytona Diving Report

June brought what we expected, that great summer like weather. Great conditions on the water and only a hint of the cobalt blue seas. Much better than seeing that thermoclien which you can never forget or it will sneak up on you. Some patch conditions have been reported with lower temps and 10 to 15 ft of vis. But over all vis has been 20 to 40 ft with temps mid 70’s on bottom and near 80 on top. The west winds have not yet started their domination of the weather pattern, which is why I believe conditions remain above average. The warmer than average water does bring with it the concern of Hurricane formation.

The fish have been a big question and the massive decrease in flounder population must be addressed. This once giant flounder haven now seems a thing of the past. They are still there just not like it has been over the last 25 years I have been diving here. Flounder once covered the bottom and now you must look harder and harder. Regulation, I hate to say must be considered.

Unlike the Red Snapper which my opinion is that I have never seen more than right now.Yet I hope everyone knows the Feds have shut us down this year in the federal waters. Up to 3 miles out state water you can harvest. Not sure the logic, however if it means a future for our children to eat that bright red beauty than I will live with it, knowing it will pay off for them.

Spent the dive the other day swimming with a giant Manta ray, the entire dive playing with us never getting more than 20 ft away before turning and brushing upon everyone of us. It is moments like this that every diver is reminded of why we do this. These amazing creatures we share our world with deserve our protection and we have the responsibility to maintain the environment for their lives. At the very end of the dive 2 large Atlantic rays decided to come through with a few healthy cobia in tow and I was reminded again why some divers engage in spearfishing. As you see in the picture we try to eat well! Dive safe, have fun and eat well!!