Diving Report: SCUBA Regulator system

Kerry Freeland / Dive Pros

Buying and Owning your own SCUBA Regulator system is kind of like buying a new car. There are lots of “Buzzwords”, “Jargon”, “Ego Issues”, “Safety Concerns” and “Financial Considerations” involved in the process. A careful and informed approach is the best way to go. Making sure you make the correct investment the first time can save you money and frustrations down the line. It is smart to shop around and make sure you get all the information you need before taking the plunge. Important considerations should include; performance, serviceability, warranty and of course value or price. Seek professional assistance when making your decision but be very careful. The Dive/SCUBA industry is plagued by rampant personal bias towards one type of equipment or manufacturer versus another type, (usually based on the personal use of the person doing the recommending) Dive Instructors are notoriously under informed about the real workings of regulator systems yet they are never short on emotion when it comes to urging you to spend your money. (It is a all part of a ego satisfying “Self-Validation” process) Buyer Beware.
Like owning an automobile, the Regulator system requires routine and occasionally corrective maintenance to perform at the manufacturers specifications. It is especially important to have your Regulator Systems checked and if needed serviced after any prolonged period of nonuse. Without getting to in the weeds or technical, a regulator that sits unused can have minor damage occur by the relaxed state of it’s internal workings. In a sense, a working, moving machine of this nature tends to need less attention than one that is at rest.
SCUBA diving can be both relaxing and exciting at the same time. While your body floats free and effortlessly suspended in inner space, your mind and senses are bombarded by wondrous and mysterious sights, sounds and textures like none that can be seen on dry land. Having the right tools, (equipment) can make the experience more enjoyable and even help prolong the time you get to spend doing it. Make sure you seek professional assistance when shopping for your SCUBA regulator and make sure you have it serviced and maintained by dedicated trained professionals as well.

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