Eleuthera Surfing Forecast – March 2011

For surfers, March in Eleuthera can mean persistent swell, but also persistent wind. As winter fronts usually push lower into the central Bahamas, you need to be ready when the wind switches from its prevailing easterly direction to a westerly offshore direction.

As far as swell size, anything could go! Last year brought some giant, 15-foot plus days with many spots maxing out. But there are always the 2-to-4 foot and 3-to-5 foot days that are great as low-pressure systems move off the eastern seaboard and out into the Atlantic.

Water temperatures have stayed a balmy 75 degrees or higher at many spots due to January and February bringing somewhat unusually warm days and nights. As we head into March, water temperatures should begin warming up even more.

At Surfer’s Beach near Gregory Town, the winter to date has been about average with lots of days featuring nice light-wind days in the 4-to-5 foot range. You won’t be disappointed. Lobster season closes March 31, so come on down during March and include a lobster hunt with your surf adventure. And remember, conservation best practices will help ensure the sustainability of our ocean and coastal resources. So if you are in need of a break from the frigid northeast, make plans to spend a week in Eleuthera.

Forecast by: Tom Glucksmann, Manager
Bahamas Out Island Adventures & Surfer’s Haven guesthouse
Eleuthera, Bahamas
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