Exuma Offshore Fishing Report and Forecast: October 2015

They're coming---hope you are prepared! PHOTO CREDIT: Fish Rowe Charters.
They’re coming—hope you are prepared! PHOTO CREDIT: Fish Rowe Charters.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ell, it won’t be long now! They will be coming, so I hope you prepared accordingly. They will test every shortcut you may have thought you could get away with. The guy telling the story about the big one that got away, won’t be me!

Yes, I’m excited! It’s like the longest 40 days ever! I don’t recommend fishing behind me the next several weeks—LOL!

Ok, look for the temperature breaks. They (wahoo) will start to show as the cooler waters approach. I’m going to go back old school to start the season off. Black feathers run down the edge of the bubble trail. It’s the start of the season, so run anything, find the color that catches the fish. I’d start with the darks, black and red, purple and silver. Running a little faster will help cover the ground. One of the neat things about this time of year is the fish can be anywhere! Offshore, shallow. It’s anyone’s guess.

Paying attention won’t hurt either—no texting! See you at the dock.