Famed and Funky End of the World Bar is Back!

End ot the World Saloon Sandbar

Bimini may be one of the smallest islands in The Bahamas, but legendary fishing, great diving, sparking clear waters and funky watering holes give this Family Island huge billing.

In early April, the coconut telegraph began to buzz that the renowned End of the World Bar, a watering hole with a 40 year history that had closed last year, would be making a comeback by the end of the month. The end of the month? Really? Really!

The new and improved, self-proclaimed, end of the road drinking hole at the south end of North Bimini, reopened to great local fanfare on April 14 and by the photos supplied, she’s looking pretty fine!

Many of the signature walls, which contained hand written messages from literally thousands who stopped in for a Goombay Smash or a cold Kalik, were saved. The kitchen, bar, and seating capacity were expanded, the deck repaired and repainted, and all the electrical and plumbing replaced. The ladies undergarment collection has been removed, but the proprietors hope the tradition will continue and even offer ‘apparel’ for purchase for those bashful souls who don’t want to donate their own personal “smalls.”

End of the World has always been a favorite for Bahamians and in-the-know tourists.

According to Sandra Fieger, who helped with the bar’s transformation, “We dressed her up for the debauchery that we hope will soon return.”

End of the World has always been a favorite for Bahamians and in-the-know tourists. Expect to find strong rum drinks, cold Kalik beer, an assortment of sandwiches, island favorites, and bar food, and entertainment Thursday through Saturday Open daily from 5 p.m. on weekdays; 12 Noon on Sundays.

For more information, email info@sandbar-bimini.com or visit www.end-of-the-world-bar.com.