February Page #1

February Page #1


Happy February. How about this winter weather? As I write, we just had a couple days of “winterish” weather, and that is enough winter for me. I so love the days of open French doors, and need of heat or air.  (Kind of scares me about what might be to come Feb. and March.)

See page 15 for new advertiser, Kelly’s Mobile Marine.  Kelly will come to you.  Can it be more convenient than that?
New advertiser in Homosassa, Salty Hook Bait & Tackle.  They also offer Boat and RV storage, and U Haul rental and return. See page 5.

This month’s recipe, Baked Mahi Mahi with Yummy Stuff, is on page 19.  The yummy stuff is onion, garlic, celery, parsley, basil, lemon, and of course, butter.  Try it; I promise that you will like it!  Yummy stuff also good on chicken.
Error in December recipe, I accidently called the “Campari” tomatoes, “Bucatini” tomatoes.  By any name, they are delicious!

Again, let me remind you that our guides are the best in the business.  If you need “winter fishing” advice, you have no farther to look than to our guides.  Call them. Second only to catching fish, their favorite activity is talking about catching fish.  How about a guided fishing trip for your Valentine?

Thank you to John Freeze for the pretty pictures on this page.

As always, please thank our advertisers and the great folks where you picked up this great FREE magazine.