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12 yr. old Jason Dengle from Texas caught his first homosassa redfish while out w Capt. Rick.
12 yr. old Jason Dengle from Texas caught his first homosassa redfish while out w Capt. Rick.

Let’s start off by saying that…..No, we’re not talking about that particular, ever popular color of a culprit rubber worm for bass fishing. Or, lightning bugs, fireflies, or even a medicinal beetle. And I know you’ve been in the woods hunting enough to know what a red bug is! However, it’s not that either, that I’m referring to.

What I’m talking about is if you have that burning desire, drive, passion, or the fever. If you’ve got what we call the “bug” for, it’s the RED bug you should be after. And in this scrupulous case, it’s the redfish fever bug.


Now as many of you know, my back door of the angling world so to speak is the Homosassa and Crystal River areas. And we’ve already been having some reeeeel good luck as of late. But, if the weather patterns hold true as they should, June is even better for the “red fever bug”.

Not just my backdoor, but also all up and down the coast, from Wacassasa to Bayport will be reporting good catches. Some, including myself are already catching fish over the slot. A good problem to have that is, unless of course you want some for the blackening cast iron skillet, barbie (grill), or deep fryer. We’re talking reds in the 28” to 32” class. Slot and creel for our areas are 1 per person per day, and they have to be between 18”- 27”.

L-R, Jeff Mauldin and Ron Pressley with just a couple of their nice Mack’s they caught while out with Capt. Rick.
L-R, Jeff Mauldin and Ron Pressley with just a couple of their nice Mack’s they caught while out with Capt. Rick.

Many reasons for the bite will come into play this time of year; so let’s see why.Ok, here we go. Spring is all but gone. Summer is definitely here. But not the dog days, yet. Water is warmer (low 80’s). We’re getting a lot more west and southwest breezes which along with an incoming tide, gives you plenty of salt H2O to navigate these backcountry and inshore places where the red zone is. The baitfish schools will be literally everywhere. So don’t ever forsake throwing a frisky live pinfish under a Cajun to some of the bite zone areas. Or matching the hatch so to speak and throwing something silver and flashy with all the finger mullet in town.

A lot of the trout with this warmer water will move out to a little deeper comfort zone, making the competition less for the reds around the points of islands, oyster bars, shore banks, cuts, and small passes. Rocky hard bottom areas are what are synonymous with these reds!
For June, full moon is the 28th, new moon is the 13th. So you have 3 days on both sides of the moons, and 12 days total for stronger tides to aid in the baitfish being flushed along these red zone areas.

The ambush predator waiting for an easy meal! Don’t be surprised if you tackle into a snook in these same places where you find the reds.
The reds are already starting to school up way in advance in anticipation for the upcoming spawn. Which, the peak will be around the new moon of August.
Usually when we spot a good school of reds, or a lot of times, spook some out of dodge, it’s been a school number of anywhere from 5 to 15 or more. So that’s encouraging. Just remember…………where you’ve seen em before, you’ll see em there again. Maybe not the very next time you go there, but these fish were there for a reason. And trust me, they’ll be back there again. Whether it was water quality, tidal movement, food source, or good habitat structure. So, remember that. Take mental notes at those surroundings when you get into some red zone areas. It will definitely help you in the long run for your red bug fever prescription.
Remember. Don’t wait! Book your upcoming scallop trip now! I have some good dates still available, and you assuredly don’t want to miss out on this fun adventure. It’s good for the whole family. The season this year starts July 1st thru Sept. 25th. So give me a call at 352-201-6111 for a trip you won’t forget. Hope to see ya on the waters.

Submitted By: Capt. Rick Burns
Reel Burns Charters

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