Fishing And Scallop Season What Could Be Better

If you’re going in search of trout, you may just want to head west till you reach some deeper water. Say around 8’ to 12’. That’s where I’ve been finding them. Why? Glad you asked. Think about it. There’s less scallop traffic and boat pressure out deeper. So, it’s quieter. Because the water temperature at that depth is cooler, given the thermo cline, as opposed to our mid to high 80’s inshore water temp, the trout are there in the summer. The salinity is higher at that depth, which the trout like. And their food source or bait supply is all over even at that depth, now. Use a 1/4 or 3/8 oz. jig and your favorite plastic to get to the bottom of things. If you know what I mean. The reds are being well, just reds. One day they want anything you throw at them. The next, they won’t take fresh cut bait or anything. So, don’t despair. You’re probably not doing anything wrong. Like my ole preacher used to say, just keep on keeping on. You’ll hit the time. Work where you’ve been productive before, and once again, you will score. Points on islands, good water flow, food source, and rock structure is what they like. Spoons, weedless jerk baits, and yes, even fresh cut bait or shrimp will round out the offerings of choice. However, the choice from now until Sept.23rd will be the scalloping along our Nature Coast areas. Preferably Crystal River and Homosassa. Give me a holler and come along to experience one of the best and finest trips ever. Snorkeling in 3’-5’of gin clear water is fun, educational and rewarding when you sit down to a meal of these fine tasting morsels. One call and we can provide it all. From snorkel land scallop gear, to accommodations, to even cleaning your scallops, and a restaurant that will prepare your catch.
Submitted By: Capt. Rick Burns
Reel Burns Charters