Flahama News – August 2011

Mango Man (front), Brian Botham, Talkin’ Tourism host Gary Guertin, Mario Bodner, and Andre Cartwright at Taino Beach, Grand Bahama.

Martin County Florida officials continue quest for Customs Office

On Tuesday July 12, 2011, the Martin County, Florida Board of County Commissioners voted to continue to pursue the proposed Fee Based Customs Office to be located at Witham Field, in Stuart, Florida. While a fee based Customs Office at a non-port of entry is not a new concept (there are 33 in the U.S.) the desire to charge boaters returning from the Bahamas and elsewhere is relatively new. If all continues smoothly, the Customs Office could be operational in the summer of 2013. With Stuart’s St. Lucie Inlet being a significant departure and returning point for vessels headed to the Northern Bahamas, this proposed facility would be of major benefit of area boaters.

Radio Free Flahama (also known as Talkin’ Tourism) pumps up Taino Beach and Grand Bahama

Wanting to cover Grand Bahama Island like a glove, Talkin’ Tourism once again broadcast its weekly radio show from Grand Bahama. This time, Taino Beach Resort and Clubs was the venue and host of the show. Adding a slice of entertainment to the show was none other than Mango Man who stepped in as special guest co-host. In addition to Mario Bodner, project director at Taino Beach Resort and Clubs, were Red Beard’s Pub proprietor Brian Botham and Grand Bahama Island Ministry of Tourism representative Andre Cartwright. Andrew shared Grand Bahama Island’s fantastic natural beauty and a list of nature tours available to visiting guests to the Island. Thanks to all for allowing us to bring a great show to our listeners around the globe.

Coastal Angler Magazine-Flahama takes a walk on Nassau’s wild side

Spending several days in New Providence, chillin’ in the big city, Coastal Angler Magazine-Flahama co-publishers Misti and Gary visited several Nassau attractions including Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre, where they had a great time feeding lorikeets, watching flamingo march, seeing the Bahama parrot, and admiring lots of very cool flowers and plants. Also on the list of places visited was The Retreat, home to the Bahamas National Trust. Trip highlights include lunch at Travellers’ Rest, staying at Compass Point Beach Resort, visiting The Caves, dining at the Green Parrot Restaurant, people watching at Awarak Cay, and exploring the fish and fruit stalls of Potter’s Cay. We look forward to returning and exploring more soon!