Frankie’s Thoughts…

We have been very fortunate to have compiled a varied and impressive stable of writers who are providing our readers with specific how-to, where-to, why-to and when-to features from all over Upstate NY. This is a grass-roots well intentioned bunch that simply is willing to share their passion and knowledge for fishing in this free publication. Remember this free publication and accompanied website is solely sponsored by our loyal advertising base that have trusted in our vision to provide this high-quality free platform in a unique model. When possible, please consider our advertising base who are local staples and supporters of our fantastic local waters. Without their support and the help from members of our fishing communities, we would simply not be able to provide such cutting-edge information. The leaders at The Angler/Coastal Angler have noticed our rapid progress and impressive content.

Since January, we have supplied 3 National freshwater covers for The Angler who has 14 fresh-water franchises to go with their 28 well-entrenched saltwater markets with 17 in Florida. Also, many national articles have been featured, including this month. GET MY DRIFT, they have an appetite for our fishing. NYers have been migrating to Florida and other southern states during the winter forever practically, coining the phase “snowbird”. My plan is to reverse this migration, especially during mid-summer months when our weather is moderate and our fishing is fantastic and Floridians are searching for Air Conditioning.

Our free fishing magazine model has worked wonderfully in Florida for years, and it obviously has had a great start in Upstate NY. After just 3 months of operation we were in the editor’ Top Ten list and were welcomed into the franchises Leadership Team. The Angler/Coastal Anglers’ hierarchy has selected me to grow this model around the Northeast, Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic, by finding other franchises and then helping them build in a similar manner as we have. Once that is achieved we can grow our national freshwater content to a new level.

There are a few things I would ask of our readers, thank our sponsors both locally and nationally who advertise with us by giving them a chance at your business and let them know you saw their ad in The Angler. Secondly, if you know anyone in our surrounding states and southern and western NY who may be interested in this business, have them contact me at 518-898-6484 or email me at Myself and our editor Ben Martin will access if this franchise is right for them and Mr. Martin will warrant if their market is right for this model. If they decide to continue and start The Angler in their market, I will ensure they get the proper training and will firsthand help them build the beginning stages of that market by joining them when they embark on this venture. Lastly, keep staying in touch with me like you have in the last year, and continue to provide feedback to the writers, who we will be showcasing in coming issues, and let us know what species and fishing tactics you would like explained further. Hope you enjoy the issue as much as we enjoyed creating it. Participate in our free Instagram contest, you can win a Fisher Guiding trip, and fishing gear!