Grand Bahama Dive Forecast – April 2011

The invasive lionfish is no doubt a beautiful creature. Photo credit: Eddy Raphael.

With the turn of the calendar to April, spring has arrived in full force on Grand Bahama. The ocean is warming up and the sun is shimmering over fantastic flat calm days at sea. The reef is revealing its brightest colors and all the creatures are moving with the season. Sea turtles are easier to spot, as they come in closer to shore ready for the nesting season, sharks are abundant and each dive site is buzzing with activities.

Among this month’s projects is to tackle the problem of the invasive lionfish. Diving on Grand Bahama will give you the opportunity to enjoy the active and abundant fish life and at the same time contribute to helping control the lionfish population in the waters surrounding Grand Bahama Island. Local crews are ready to share their knowledge with you on capturing, cleaning, cooking and consuming this incredible fish. Where it is normally a rule of “Look, don’t touch” you will be allowed to exercise some of your “fishing” instincts in a diverse manner.

Regular dives are still provided if hunting lionfish is not your dive of choice. Picks of the month are the deep sites off the south shore, such as Blair House, Plate Reef, Caves, and Morey Manor. Here the groupers gather at the cleaning stations as schools of Creole wrasse, Bermuda chubs, barracudas, jack and school masters move around the reef.

April is a grand time to visit and explore the underwater wonders of Grand Bahama Island.

Forecast By: Christina Zenato, Dive Department Supervisor
The International Underwater Explorer’s Society, Ltd. (UNEXSO)
Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas
Phone: (242) 373-1244 or (800) 992-DIVE