Grand Bahama Dive Forecast – June 2013

Etheridge Wreck in Grand Bahama. PHOTO CREDIT: Eddy Raphael.
Etheridge Wreck in Grand Bahama. PHOTO CREDIT: Eddy Raphael.

The weather is forecasted to warm up and the ocean is reaching the magic number of 80 degrees. The island is already noticing an increased number of turtles on the dive sites. Mating season is coming up and the turtles are coming closer to shore. The wrecks are a favorite area for divers as they can see a lot of turtles, swim through clouds of silver-sides and they can also assist in removing the lionfish, an invasive species, which gather in these areas to gorge on juvenile fish.

On our list we recommend a visit to Etheridge Wreck, a barge used in the filming of Halloween and now home to a Goliath grouper. The cabin area is still intact and allows for an easy and short dive through, and for interesting photography. We also always like to visit La Rose, a three deck wreck and its neighbor Comex Wreck. Both sites always present an interesting show of marine life as they both lay on the edge of the deep reef, towards the continental shelf. As always we encourage guests interested in the subject to use their vacation to continue their education in scuba, by taking a unique specialty. The advantage of the specialties is to dive while learning and enjoying something new. No classroom time required.

COMEX Wreck. Photo Credit: Eddy Raphael

FORECAST BY: Cristina Zenato, Dive Department Supervisor
The International Underwater Explorer’s Society, Ltd. (UNEXSO)
Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
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