Grand Bahama Dive Forecast – May 2013

Theo’s Wreck during a “day” dive. PHOTO CREDIT: Curt Bowen.
Theo’s Wreck during a “day” dive. PHOTO CREDIT: Curt Bowen.

Our favorite month is here! Although year ‘round the Bahamas are a wonderful place to visit and dive, May holds special weather. The days are usually crystal clear and the air is warming up, but the lack of humidity and the cool nights make for a perfect vacation recipe. The ocean is now around 76 degrees and the air in the mid-80s. A long 3mm wetsuit is perfectly fine for a full day of sea diving. Turtle mating season is coming up and sighting of turtles on dives is increasing. Together with the abundant local population of jack, grouper, schoolmasters, Bermuda chubs, sharks and rays, the dive sites are an exciting buzzing of fish life. Due to the high activity of life on the reef, night dives are on our “favorite of the month” list. Creatures sleeping during the day come out as soon as dusk arrives. The dive light catches a myriad of shiny eyes: lobsters, shrimp, angel and butterfly fish, gobies, rays and more.

If going for your first night dive, ask for a shallow wreck. Sea life love to gather around a small area at night. If you have a good deal of experience on night dives, deep and wrecks dives, you can go ahead and request a special Theo’s Wreck night dive, a delight for the experienced and advanced diver.

FORECAST BY: Cristina Zenato, Dive Department Supervisor
The International Underwater Explorer’s Society, Ltd. (UNEXSO)
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