Grand Bahama Inshore Fishing Forecast – February 2012

East End Grean Bahama has some of the best flats on Grand Bahama! PHOTO CREDIT: Firefly Bonefishing

Being one of the most northern of the Islands of the Bahamas, East Grand Bahama (as well as the rest of the island) feels the effects of the cold fronts that move off the U.S. mainland, particularly during the month of February. As a result, the larger bonefish will move from the creeks to the more open flats seeking warmer water and will be easily seen tailing. In addition to bones, you will find plenty of permit, barracuda, mutton snapper and sharks. Recommended would be an 8-weight rod with a 10 to 12 pound test leader. Best color would be tan or pink with a # 4-6 hook. Just as important as the color is the weight of the fly. This determines how the fly will rise and fall at different depths. If using spinning gear, I suggest 8 to 10 pound test line with live or artificial bait. East End Grand Bahama has some of the best flats on Grand Bahama with very little fishing pressure.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Whitney Rolle
Firefly Bonefishing
East Grand Bahama, Grand Bahama Island
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