Grand Bahama Offshore Fishing Forecast – April 2011

Spring is here, which means longer days and more fishing time.  As winter departs, the wind and the seas are calming down, making a day offshore very pleasant. The end of wahoo season is approaching but still doing well up north off Memory Rock and White Sand. The best tactic seems to be trolling 10-to-11 knots in 250- to 500-feet of water.

Dolphin are slowly returning for the summer. Keep watch for birds and weed lines to ensure some good bites and hookups. The yellowfin tuna is what I am excited about this spring. In the beginning of March, anglers began coming back from Tuna City with nice yellowfin in the 24-to-35 pound range. Take plenty of sardines and pilchards with you.  Find the birds and you will find the fish.  Position the boat up current, stop and chum with cut sardines and pilchards allowing the chum to flow “downstream.”  Use a 9/0 circle hook with a 100# mono leader with a sardine hook through the back. Open the drag on your 50 or 80 and allow the bait to drift with the chum and be patient. The fish will come!

With the longer days, it’s always great to stop off of Settlement Point and deep drop in 900 to 1000 feet of water to fill your cooler with yellow-eye snapper.  The bite has been strong!


FORECAST BY: Nathan Moody
Old Bahama Bay, West End, Grand Bahama Island
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