Great White Shark Surprise

By: CAM Staff

Jeremy Utter of Huntsville Alabama spends a couple months each year fishing for sharks and other species on the Navarre Pier. Jeremy and his shark fishing buddies: Thomas Thielman and Ernie Polk call themselves Team True Blue. They are very experienced when it comes to catching, tagging and releasing big sharks, but no one was ready for what happened next.
With a 4 lb. bonita as your bait, and your rod bends, you know something huge is on the line. After an hour of the big fish fighting hard and running deep it finally came to the surface. That is when the team realized they’re dealing with 10-foot great white that weighed well over 700 lbs.

Jeremy worked the beast down the pier to the beach. Once in the shallows the shark was handled very carefully and released after being tagged with a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration tag. The information from this catch will greatly benefit their Apex Predator Program.

Sharks are the top of the food chain and very important to natural balance in the Gulf of Mexico. Conservation and education for all shark species is the key for keeping our fisheries healthy for future generations of anglers.

Video of this amazing shark catch and the eventual tag and release back into the Gulf of Mexico can be seen on YouTube.