Jason Abernathy enjoyed a great day on Guntersville while ledge fishing with Capt Jake Davis

by Capt. Jake Davis

The past month has been good for my clients for the most part. We had some slow days, but everyone still caught fish. We experienced some exciting fishing while catching them on a variety of lures. The best lineup of lures was Tightline Jigs, D-Bombs and Destoryers from Missile Baits, swimbaits and Wobble Head Swimjigs from Tightline Jigs around main channel grass lines and grassy humps. Water temps range from 80 to 86 degrees. July is shaping up to be a great month out on the ledges and we should see the start of a fantastic frog bite with all the grass this year. Best advice is slow down and work an area completely!

It’s time to start planning those late summer and early fall frog and flipping trips Guntersville is famous for. Call me to reserve a date. Please wear your PFDs and be aware of your surroundings; with the increased traffic boating accidents can happen to anyone! Make your reservations now for some great fishing on Guntersville or Tim’s Ford. We supply all fishing gear, including Duckett fishing rods, LEW’s reels, Vicious Fishing Line, top shelf lures such as Missile Baits soft plastics, and Tightline Jigs all at no additional cost you. We offer a Military Discount and 100% dedication to making your trip successful. Let’s go fish’in.

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