Haven’t we waited long enough?

For years, various versions of the Sportsmen’s Act have made progress in Congress only to stall out. While many of these bills had significant support, none of them were ever signed into law.
Finally, a new bill with a new name has been introduced in the U.S. Senate that has strong bipartisan support.

Called the “Hunting Heritage and Environmental Legacy Preservation for Wildlife Act,” or HELP for Wildlife Act, this bill is good news for anglers, hunters, and anyone who loves the outdoors.

Officially known as S. 1514, the HELP for Wildlife Act includes many provisions specifically for our nation’s freshwater and saltwater anglers. These include:
Protections for traditional fishing tackle from unwarranted regulation by the EPA.
Authorizing the National Fish Habitat Partnerships program which will conserve, restore and enhance fish habitat throughout the nation, providing better fishing opportunities.
Provisions beneficial to the Chesapeake Bay.
Reauthorization of important conservation programs like the North American Wetlands Conservation Act and of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Now is the time to send a message to your Senator asking them to support the HELP for Wildlife Act.

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