FlyFishing Success In The Heat Of Summer

Best Time: Morning
Surface Temp: 86f
Clarity: Slightly Tannic-24”

Tip: The topwater bite has been on early. Frogs, Poppers, or Divers pick you preference they all have there place. I prefer to throw a popper in windier conditions and a slider or diver on the calmer days. The face of the topwater fly determines how much commotion it will make so consider this when selecting a pattern to tie on. The color in my opinion should contrast with the sky, so a dark overcast day should be matched with a bright colored popper, then on a sunny day a dark popper. Unless you see the fish feeding on a specific food source then match the hatch. Then as soon as the sun peaks over the trees and begins to rise, switch to subsurface fly patterns and target the isolated grass mats, docks, or whatever structure you find that offers shade. The fish will be stacked in these areas when the air temp goes up. Ideally these spots have a sand bottom as this has been an important factor all summer long for the bass and panfish. After the rain the bass have been more active and are schooling up and busting on shad. Targeting these active bass is best done with a small white streamer such as a Bead Chain Clouser. These fish can be difficult to catch because there is so much bait in the water (it is easy for your fly to be lost in the chaos) so keep working the school and it will pay off. Topwater on these fish also work well since it attracts their attention. Look for moving water as this will congregate the bass and panfish in one area that is easier to fish as opposed to deeper offshore structure. Small Spiders, Sprogs, and Grasshoppers have been killer on the Bluegill. Swimming a small nymph to mimic a small baitfish has been working if the Bluegill will follow your topwater but won’t commit to eating it. The Bluegill have been cooperating so when the bass bite slows target the Bluegill to keep the line tight until the bass start to feed again.


Techniques: Find the moving water and take advantage of the concentration of fish. Getting out early is key to avoid the heat, bugs, and other boaters. Topwater early and fishing the shade during the afternoon will provide the best results. If they miss your topwater fly then immediately smack it down right where they missed and usually they’ll hit again. Or tie on a small trailer nymph behind your topwater if they are still following your fly. Hunter Towery
Peace Creek Guide Service