Heavy Cover Fly Fishing


Early Morning/Late Afternoon

Surface Temp:



Slightly Tannic-24”

Tip of the Week:

The local fishing has been great even with the temperatures and boat traffic increasing. In the morning, the top water bite is still strong with the most productive fly patterns being those that imitate frogs. These flies are best fished early in the morning, this can make for a long day but the explosive blowups more than make up for the early start. Also a tip with popper fishing is to contrast with the sky, so if it’s a bright day then I start out with a darker colored popper and vice versa with a more darker sky. The bass are still keying in on streamers that mimic shad or bluegill. These patterns are most successful when the sun comes out and the bass slow down and either go lethargic or seek shade and oxygen. These flies are best fished slow and deep and work your way into shallower water as the day cools off. The fishing will be challenging but the summer is a great time to catch big bass on sinking line and streamers. Also we’ve had some bass spit up craw fish that have been a rust/orange coloration. Dragging these heavier flies around heavy cover or structure will be key in getting bigger fish to bite. Personally I believe color isn’t as important on crayfish flies since they are different color variations in the same body of water at the same time. Time of day hasn’t really affected the fishing as much as the anglers comfort levels when the thermometer rises bass seek either shelter, depth, or shade. The shad are still schooling up providing us with a unique chance at seeing bass leap out at your fly in open water. Find sandy or hard bottom and you’ll find the pan fish, they are responding well to midges suspended a popper about 2 feet. Hippie Stompers are also a favorite dry fly since it can mimic everything from a grass hopper to a dragonfly, fishing this pattern is very simple just sit and wait the slower the better. Play around with fly choices they have been biting well so if you have some favorite poppers to throw or a “secret” nymph they’ve been munching and will happily eat your offerings. They have been consistently caught around bullrushes and are a little deeper than usual. The pan fish have definitely been more active so take advantage if the bass bite tapers off and catch some nice TB’S.


Top water early in the morning and later in the evening with heavier streamers or craw fish being fished around shade and cover. Focusing on lily pads that hold water underneath and are close to a drop-off will be the most productive stretches. Also be on the lookout for flowing water either from canals or drain pipes as these will always hold fish. The fish seek shelter, shade, or depth.


Hunter Towery
Peace Creek Guide Service