Homosassa Area

No doubt, we’ll have some more cool fronts in March before the ole dog days of summer set in. And,of course cooler days. But guess what??? It’s coming!!!! Some of the best angling action of the whole year. That is, in the terms of March and April angling! Barring any howling winds. Are you ready??Our resident homeboys like the trout and reds have got the serious munchies big time after this post winter weather, winter water and air temps, and lack of bait. So, you say, what’s happening now?
Glad you asked. Think about it! The cold fronts and extreme cold weather are gone! So, the water will be warming up. (Right now maintaining in the high 60’s, and low 70’s.) The days will be longer! The bait fish schools will be arriving in droves! The migratory pelagic like cobia, mackerel, bluefish and kingfish are right on the heels of these massive schools of bait, and will start to cruise through town! So, what does this add up to?? Good feeding conditions and hungry fish. It’s kind of like you and me. If we were buried in a tent somewhere in the cold for awhile, just trying to stay alive because of the conditions, and now have been blessed with warming water and weather conditions, we’re going to go out, search and destroy everything in our path as far as to eat, that comes our way. Let’s face it!! We’re hungry and want a meal!! Same with these fish! Besides October and November, March and April can be the Mack daddy of fishing! Namely the cobia.
To start your search for these cobia,look and fish around the channel markers. Especially the tri-pod markers. These fish look for any kind of structure along our coast. And sometimes this structure holds bait fish and crabs, which the cobia love. Also, some of our near shore rock piles usually hold these fish. Toss a good lively pinfish under a Cajun-Thunder, or work a plastic saltwater assassin rubber eel in chartreuse around said structure. And, where you find, hook into and bring in one, more chances than not there are 2 or more hanging around to hook up with. Also, the little stingrays (pie plate to door mat size)are schooling up in the shallows running in pods from 4 to 40. Cast ahead of them! Good chances are there is a cobia or 2 following them waiting for an easy meal that the rays are kicking up with their wing dust. Get out and enjoy some of this awesome fish fighting action of the hard pulling Ling! Just don’t bring em in the boat too green. They’ll ruin stuff! C-ya on the water.

Submitted By: Capt. Rick Burns
Reel Burns Charters