Hot Spot Barbecue: Excellent Bar-B-Q and Pumpkin Pie Too!

Wow. What a wonderful find in my own hometown, for great Bar-B-Q and desserts.

I’d driven by Hot Spot Bar-B-Q, located at the corner of 9th Ave. and La Rua Street in Pensacola, for about 2 months without ever stopping in. But each time the delicious smells coming from the smokers, which were working at the crack of dawn, would have my stomach growling and my taste buds wanting.

I finally decided to stop in one day with for lunch and Hot Spot nailed it. I have the 3-meat combo with Brisket, chicken and pork. Plus, two sides. I absolutely think the brisket is probably the best I’ve ever had. It is fork tender and juicy and melts in your mouth. The chicken was equally tender and not dried out as some smokers can do. One of the sides, Brunswick Stew, is like a meal, and loaded with vegetables.

After about a dozen visits and take out, I finally tried the Pumpkin Pie, which is seasonal and comes out September 1st. This is simple the BEST pumpkin pie I’ve ever had. Hands down, No Bull. I don’t know what it is about this pie, but you owe it to yourself to try it. Even if you don’t like Bar-B-Q, go and get a slice of the pie. Better yet, get a whole one for the family and they will talk about you for generations. I have given this pie to over 50 people in the past couple of months and EVERYONE of them said it was the best they had even had.

So, do yourself a favor and go to Hot Spot Bar-B-Q for a real treat you will enjoy.