Indian River Fishing Report – April 2017

Attention anglers, now is a perfect time to get out on the water and catch some fish. Spring time fishing along Florida’s Space Coast is something special. It was created just for you.

Throughout our region, the early morning spotted sea trout bite should be very good. These trout will be in search of an easy meal and are fun to catch. This is especially true along the flats. In this area, countless fingerling mullet will be invading our region for the spring mullet run. Trout which are one of many predatory fish will be aggressively feeding on these mullet during low light conditions. In order to prepare for a tug of war battle with one of these hard fighting fish, you will need to do an equipment check up. One of my favorite rod and reel combo to use for trout is a seven foot medium action spinning reel combo equipped with 20 pound test braided line and 15 pound test mono leader.

This particular combination will allow you to make long accurate casts to targeted areas. Here are a few helpful hints when fishing for trout. First of all, keep in mind that trout have excellent eye sight and are easily spooked. To overcome this, anglers should practice stealth like approach. Second, live bait fishermen should attach a 6/0 circle hook to the end of a mono leader. Then hook a live fingerling mullet just behind the anal fin. This is a great way to catch a trout. Allowing the bait to swim naturally (free lining) can help increase your chances of catching a nice fish. Also, fishing baits near schools of bait fish when conditions are calm can be a very exciting time. During this time of year, many of these trout should have an average length of nearly 20 inches with some measuring up to 24 inches long.

In addition, blue fish can also be caught. These hard fighting fish can be caught along the beach, or structure such as piers or the jetties. Blue fish mostly feed on schools of bait fish and can be caught on a variety of artificial lures, spoons, or cut bait. When targeting them, anglers will find that rigging their baits onto a 30 pound test mono leader can increase their chances of bringing them to the boat. The easiest way to catch them is to use gold spoons or live baits such as mullet or shrimp when fishing near schools of baitfish. Anglers can expect for these blues to have an average weight.

Capt. Keith Mixon
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