Indian River Fishing Report – November 2017

With the month of November upon us, anglers will jump at the chance to catch some nice fish while enjoying a change of season in our great state of Florida. During this time of year, anglers will begin to move away from their summer time approach to fishing. As water temperatures begin to cool down, many fish throughout out our region will begin to change their feeding habits throughout our region. Fish such as trout, reds, or even black drum will be in search of an easy meal. One of my favorite rigs to use when targeting these fish is a popping cork. A popping cork is basically a fixed cork that is rigged onto a 15 pound test mono leader that is 18” to 30” long. If you are looking for a cork on the retail market that is made to catch fish than look no further that Bass Assassin’s Kwik Cork. Attaching a live shrimp or Bass Assassin Die Dapper 3.5” (Mama’s Chicken) onto a popping cork and suspending the bait just above the bottom is a great way to target these fish. Once the bait is in the targeted area, anglers will want to give the cork a quick tug. This will make a very distinctive sound that will get plenty attention. This is especially true when conditions are calm. Anglers will want to make long cast in order to have a successful hook up. When conditions are right, anglers should consider drifting. This style of fishing will allow anglers to target sandy pot holes, grass flats, or even channel drop offs with ease. Drifting also allows anglers to practice stealth like approach so fish are not easily spooked.

Have you ever caught a snook? A snook has been known to feed along mangrove shorelines with steep drop offs, boat docks, and even bridge fenders that are lit up at night. This is especially true when fishing in and around the port. Snook enjoy a wide variety of baits. However, they have been known to be picky and only feed on one specific bait at a time. Live shrimp, pinfish, or bright colored scented jerk baits will all work well when rigged onto a 7 foot medium action spinning reel combo equipped with 20 pound test braided line and 25 pound test mono leader. Snook have been known target these baits during low light conditions or at night under a full moon.

Submitted By: Capt. Keith Mixon
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