Indian River Fishing Report – November 2016

Throughout our region, anglers can expect to catch a few nice fish in both inshore and near shore waters. This is especially true during the mid morning hours when conditions are calm. When fishing with top water lures, anglers can expect explosive top water action from spotted sea trout. One of my favorite lures to use during this time of year is MirrOlure’s Catch 2000 20MR (number 808). It is a great way to target fish when fishing near schools of bait fish. Anglers can expect trout, snook, and redfish will aggressively strike at this lure because it looks like a mullet or a wounded green back. Attaching this bait to a seven foot medium action spinning reel combo equipped with fifteen pound test braided line and mono leader and fishing it slowly will be the best way to hook up with a fish.

In addition, baits such as live shrimp, cut clams, mullet, or lady fish will be a good go to bait when targeting redfish and black drum. These baits will be most effective when rigged on a circle hook and fished near drop offs, sandy pot holes, or the flats. This is especially true when fishing along ambush sites such as bridge fenders or other structure. Anglers will find that many of these fish will be most active during low light conditions during the first few hours of the day. When targeting these fish, I suggest using a seven foot medium action spinning reel combo equipped with 30 pound test braided line and mono leader with a 6/0 hook attached to the end. During this time of year, many of these fish will have an average weight of nearly five to seven pounds. However, don’t be surprised if you catch one weighing close to thirty pounds.

Also, now is a great time to target snook at night. Anglers should be able to catch a few nice line siders in and around the port during the full moon which occurs around November 14. Many of these snook will strike at a live pinfish, mullet, or even Rapala’s ¼ ounce X-RAP Saltwater artificial lures. Any of these baits have been known to work very well when fished near the jetties, mangrove protected shorelines, boat docks or structure that is lit up at night. When using live baits, it will be important to allow them to swim as naturally as possible while free lining them.

So, now is a great time to take a child fishing. Creating memories while reeling in a fish is something that no child will ever forget.

Capt. Keith Mixon
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