Inspiring kids-hook, line and sinker

Visiting Lightbourne Marine.  PHOTO CREDIT: Reuben Lorenzo Rahming.
Visiting Lightbourne Marine. PHOTO CREDIT: Reuben Lorenzo Rahming.


[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ever was I a Scout!  Nor am I a member of the 12th Bahamas Scout Group.  My years of service and interacting with these wonderful persons made them my beloved, my brothers, my sisters, my children, my friends. I am proud to be associated with these great leaders; all of whom started as Cub Scouts themselves. Looking at them, I see a common passion, a level of commitment to children and mankind, which I know will one day be the stuff of legends. 

In this organization, the kids earn their stripes despite the overdosing of love and support. Thus every badge, trophy, plaque or paper received is a mark of honour.

 My life and skills are an open resource to my community. Everyone knows “Just ask and Mr. Rahming will make time for you.”

Ahead of the Scouts Investment Ceremony many of the kids had yet to earn their fishing badges. Most had never fished before, and they had to land a fish on their own at least six-inches long to qualify.

The kids and leaders asked and “LaTow” the race was on to meet the dead line. We first visited Lightbourne Marine one of my key supply stores.  Rachel Lightbourne gave us a guided tour and “LaTow” Lightbourne Marine donated all the supply needed for our quest. Rachel even took time out that day to help with the training.

Then off to St Augustine’s College field for practice.

We worked hard, as if for war! We taught rigging, casting of hand line and rod. We casted in the pond and on the field and after repeated failures for some, we sought divine intervention.


With the dead line for submissions just 48 hours away and no moon, (bad time to fish) we hit the beach, all 35 of us committed to fish all night, which we did. By sun up” LaTow,” we did it, and we had the evidence.

They did it, even though one or two were too afraid to touch their fish. These children adapted, improvised and overcame. The glow of their pride that night replaced the absence of a needed full moon. However, their pride went supernova when their names were called before family and friends, and they marched to receive their earned badges. Can you see it in their faces?

Some like Trevon Brown went on to greater things (fish) but all are members in good standing of team LaTOW!

When you give from the heart, you can’t beat the feeling. I invite you to support/donate to the 12th Bahamas Scout Group. Just drop me a note, and I will connect you to this awesome group or Email: or message me on Facebook (Reuben Rahming) and/or subscribe on YouTube.  Please like Bahamas Scout-group on FB and show some love. LaTOW!