July Is Upon Us

With the month of July upon us, anglers can expect to catch some nice fish with the right presentation. Even though water and air temperatures will be hot some exciting time can still be enjoyed on the water.

To begin with, speckled sea trout will not be able to resist noisy artificial lures during low light conditions. A variety of artificial lures such as Rapala’s ¼ ounce X-Rap Saltwater (Olive Green) will work well with a slow retrieve. Lures such as this are designed to mimic a wounded bait fish when fished near schools of bait. All throughout the Banana River as well as the No Motor Zone, anglers will find that many of these fish will be willing to strike in three to four feet of water along the flats where bait fish are present. The average length of these trout should be sixteen inches with the largest measuring in at nearly twenty inches. The key to catching these fish is to make long accurate casts and retrieving it slowly near schools of bait fish. Practicing a stealth like approach will work best when targeting larger fish.

In addition, live baits such as shrimp, pinfish, or even fingerling mullet will all work well when targeting snook. Anglers can expect the early morning snook bite to be its best during low light conditions or at night. Live shrimp, pinfish, small crabs, or bright colored scented jerk baits will all work well when targeting a “line sider”. Snook are known to feed near old boat docks, bridge pilings, the jetties, as well as the beach. Anglers should keep in mind that snook are known to put up a good fight. To overcome this I suggest using a 7’ medium action spinning reel combo equipped with 25 pound test braided line and mono leader. Some of these catch and release snook can measure up to 34” long. Currently, snook are catch and release. However, one way to preserve the memory of a snook is to have a replica mount made. King Sailfish Mounts (kingsailfishmounts.com) does a great job of making replica mounts of your trophy fish.

Also, the summertime flounder bite should be good. Flounder can be caught inside the port as well as our inshore waters. Small scented jerk baits, live shrimp, or small strips of cut bait will all work well when rigged on a 1/4 ounce jig head and fished on the bottom. A sandy bottom will work best when fishing near ambush points. During this time of year, summertime flounder will have an average length of 12 to 13 inches.

Submitted By: Capt. Keith Mixon
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