Kayak Report

Benton Parrott

It’s time for those early mornings on the water before the sunrise. A cup of coffee and a topwater getting exploded on just sets the tone for the day. Early on calm days we have been throwing the spook jr. in bone and mullet pattern with good results. If we have a little wind we are using the Raapala skitterwalk to make a little more noise on the surface. I like working my topwaters slow but change it up a bit walking it back at different speeds to see what the fish will react to.

As the sun rises switch over to suspending baits and soft plastics. Suspending baits like the Rapala shadow rap and Ripstop. I like to work at different speeds back to the kayak taking short “jerks” in burst and it letting stop and pause for a few seconds. This gives that following fish time to react to the paused bait and strike. I am catching more quality fish on the soft plastics this year. Slow rolled across the bottom, flutter bounced, or just speed ripped back to you with pauses has been producing strikes. I use Saltwater Assassin for the soft body and great action rigged on a pro elite jig head. The colors as with all baits I use depends on the water clarity I am fishing. Clear water I want a more natural presentation whereas in dirty water with low visibility I use the louder colors or one with chartreuse tails.

Not to miss in August! On August 4th the 5th annual Bayou La Batre Kayak Classic Fishing Tournament is being held in Bayou La Batre, AL.There are prizes up for grabs as long with a master angler title. Also on the 4th IFA Kayak tour will be in Houma, LA. This catch photo and release tournament is based off the length of your best combined length of 1 redfish and 1 speckled trout. You have to fish 2 IFA events to be eligible to fish the Championship this fall.

For the bass guys the Kayak Bass Fishing Trail Tournament Series will be in Cedar Creek Lake, Kentucky on August 11th. Not this month but the King Of The Island Offshore tournament out of Pensacola Beach is coming up in September so mark your calendar and start getting ready for this one! Don’t forget we keep a running tab on what’s happening in the kayak community on our Facebook page Kayak Fishing U.

With these longer days out in the sun take care of yourself. Wear protective clothing, a buff, and sunscreen when out fishing. It makes a huge difference in how I feel at the end of a day and how long I can stay out and fish.

Remember while fishing from a kayak to always think safety. We are low to the water and not always easily seen. Keep a 360 degree light on at dark and low light conditions, wear a PFD, keep hydrated, and let someone know your float plan.

Benton Parrott
Hobie Regional Team / Pro Staff Fishing Guide