Kayak Report April 2019

By: Benton Parrott

Spring is finally here this month. Warmer days and warmer water should bring the bite on. Early morning and late evenings a top water plug is hard to beat for trout and reds. My “Go To” baits are the Rapala Skitterwalk and the Zara spook Jr. I prefer the natural colors like the blue holographic and bone white. Change the speeds of you retrieval until you find what is working. Always work your bait all the way back to the kayak and don’t be afraid to stop mid retrieval and let your surface walker just sit. Of course Shad Raps and Mirrodines are still doing great fooling trout and reds into striking. Flounder, reds, and specks are still being fooled by Saltwater Assassin sea shads fished slowly along the bottom and drop offs. For Reds and flounder I pair the soft plastics with a 1/4 oz. jig head and for trout i like to use a lighter 1/8 oz. Pro elite jig head

Not to miss in April. The IFA Kayak tour gets back in to full swing on April 14th in Jacksonville, Fl. and in Georgetown, S.C on the 28th. This is a CPR (catch photo release) tournament based on your best length of a speckled trout and red fish. The IFA tour has tournaments running all year long from South Carolina to Texas. The Championship will be held in October in Grand Isle, LA. this year and you have to fish 2 IFA events to be qualified. The G.C.K.F.A Speckled Trout Shoot Out is on the 20th for more information sign up with the club. May 4th is the BCKFC’s:

Paddlepalooza XVI at Bridge side Marina in Grand Isle, LA. This is always a fun tournament with prizes and categories for the whole family. As always, we have a running tab on what’s going on in the kayak community at our Facebook page Kayak Fishing U.

Remember while fishing from a kayak to always think safety. We are low to the water and not always easily seen. Keep a 360-degree light on at dark and low light conditions, wear a PFD, keep hydrated, and let someone know your float plan.

Benton Parrott
Hobie Regional Team / Pro Staff Fishing Guide