kissimmee Chain Fishing Forecast Dec 2017

If you like catching a lot of bass than Lake Kissimmee is where you want to be. Solid 2-5lb’rs are readily available. These bass are schooling and they are hungry. Areas where it is opened up within a cut are best. The first three weeks of the month from sunrise to 11am is the peak action time for the schooling bass. However, during the full moon cycle the activity will peak between 3pm to sunset. That morning bite is done and you will swear your schoolers have moved. They haven’t moved on you- they just are feeding at a different time during the full moon cycle. 6’ of water and these cuts seem to be the magic depth. Best are artificial baits to throw on the schooling bass. Zoom Super Flukes on top is best. Color doesn’t seem to matter. A top water Whopper Popper or a Rapala J11 black and silver are also very effective.

For you shiner anglers slow troll them in the cuts beyond your boat instead of passing them.
Lake Hatchineha is producing good numbers of speckled perch around the Hour Glass and Candler Point, 10”-12” specks are common. 10’ of water depth is best while using a slip cork rigged with a minnow set at 6’-7’.

Lake Kissimmee Locker 8 or 9 in 12’-14’ of water is the key. Also with a slip cork rigged at 7’-9’.Some deeper pad lines with 7’-8’ of water jigging a chartreuse 1/16 oz gig with a white grub. It’s producing slightly larger specks.

Tiger Lake is producing some very large specks 12”-16”–specks are not out of the question! There are 2 marked brush piles in 12’ of water- one on the North end and one on the South end of the lake. Try white jigs 1/8 oz with a triple tail white grub or a slip cork rig set at 7’ for best results.
Lake Rosalie is producing some of the biggest slabs you will ever see. Nighttime in 15’ of water with a minnow and slip cork rig set at 7’-11’ is your best bet. Daytime long line trolling a white Roadrunner tipped by a minnow in 15’ of water Lake Kissimmee is real good for the big bluegill and shellcrackers. Your best spots: Brahm Island on the the North side grass line, Gobbler Ridge, Eagles Nest, and Lemon Point around a heavy pad are going to be your best bets.

Submitted By: Capt Dave Ochs
Waters Edge Fish Camp
10730 Camp Mack Rd
Lake Wales, Fl