Keaton Beach

 KEATON BEACH – October Fishing Report

#2 Billy Pillow with a nice 25 inch trout
#1 Capt. Pat with a nice top-water trout taken 8/25/19

Our water has been very dark after the 10 to 20-inch rain event (depending on where you were on the coast) we had last month.  Things are just starting to get back perfect, and water temps are trying to settle down from a high last week of 90.7 to 86 degrees one day this week. (today is September 13)  I had five trout and one 21 inch red Thursday, in about 3 hours fishing by myself. I caught them all on live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders. It is very difficult to fish artificials unless you simply rig a grub under an Original Cajun, as the floating grass is so bad. I would hope we could see some cooling down of the Gulf in October, and possibly some Northeasters to move some of this grass.

If we could get that, we might throw a plug and catch some trout in October on top. I prefer MirrOlure’s Top Pup and Top Dog Junior, SheDogs if I am hunting reds.

Until that happens, expect to fish Assassin Sea Shads under a Cajun in 4 to 6 feet of water. Move in to 3.5 to 4.0 feet on top of the tide.

Reds are in the 3 to 3.5 foot range, but scattered in this red water. Look for mullet, and toss Thunder-Spins and Hex Spoons in Copper and Gold for reds in October.