Keaton Beach

#1 Danny Crider of Valdosta, Ga. with a fine trout.
#2 Matt Williams of Dallus, Ga.
# John Varner of Mexico Beach, Fl.


Trout and redfish have been plentiful, and my clients are having a blast catching limits of each on every trip. This report comes early this month, as today is November 10th, and so far, the trout have been right on schedule, moving in towards the hill after the recent dip in water temps down to 58 degrees. The Gulf was 78 degrees yesterday, so they have dealt with the yo-yoing of water temps in a week’s time, and yet the larger trout are starting to stage-up in front of the rocky areas adjacent to creeks and troughs, as they normally do this time of year, seeking the warmth provided by the shallows.

We have caught most of our fish on live bait, but have had several nice days with plugs and plastic. Look for plugs to take more fish than bait, once the water gets down in the mid to low 60’s, and holds there. Lipped jerkbaits such as Bite-A-Bait fighters, Cordell Redfins and Bomber Long A’s, will all take trophy trout in those conditions in December. I like the last of incoming, and the first hour-and-a-half of the fal, when plugging in early winter.

I expect to throw MirrOdines, Catch 2000’s, Softdines, Paul Brown Devils from L&S, later in the month, as the Gulf cools towards 60 degrees. We will also be throwing Assassin’s New “Salty Snacks” in the colder water of December. Try the five new colors in the Salty Snack: Golden Bream, Molting, Plum /Chartreuse tail, Snow Storm and Watermelon/Red Glitter. I’m planning on catching them on the Golden Bream.

Reds should eat many of the same baits as trout; but don’t forsake your Thunder-Spins, Intruder Spoons and Sleighs in December. Gold and Copper are my go-to blade colors.

I jumped a tarpon (150+lbs) on November 9th, so who knows what will show up in December if the water temps stay up?

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