Keaton Beach: 04/2017



The trout have been trying their best to come out of their long winter’s nap, but the weather just won’t quite hold and keeps the water temps 70 + degrees, like they want it to be. We have caught trout on live pinfish and live shrimp both under Back Bay Thunders on March 8, with a couple of reds caught on hard jerkbaits. Water temps will be down in the low sixties when I go tomorrow (Today is March 13.) due to a current cold front, our last of the year I hope. 

Most of the trout have been in 3 feet, with few coming from less and no keepers, in over 4 feet. I suspect the general population of trout is still off shore (deeper than 5 feet) and waiting on the “call” to come in to the less than 4 foot haunts. We have also caught keeper trout on Assassin’s New Salty Snacks, on the Paul Brown Devils, the Paul Brown Soft-Dines and on MirrOdines.  

The best of the hard plug fishing looks like it will be in April, with hard jerkbaits, like Bite-A-Bait fighters, Bomber Long, and Cordell Redfins, bringing in good trout this month. Later in the month, I would expect to catch trout and reds on stickbaits,such as Zara Spooks, Top Dog Juniors, Top Pups and SheDogs as water temps hold 70 plus degrees overnight. 

Reds have been scattered mostly and laying up around rocks and bars seeking where the warmth of the sun has warmed these shallow areas. We have caught them on Bite-A-Baits and on Soft Dines so far. April will see jig spinners, such as Thunder-Spins and Cajun Flash taking larger reds.  

Strangely enough, we were catching a Spanish mackerel on each trip in February and early March, so they may be downright plentiful in April, if current trends hold true.  

Looking forward to being able to catch fish on just almost anything you wish to toss at them, and April should hold that promise. 


In the meantime…..Let’s Go Fishing!  

Pat McGriff dba One More Cast guide service for 27 years!  

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