Kenyon Centre supports scientific research and conservation

PRESS RELEASE – March 2017

You may have heard of Friends of the Environment, a community-based conservation organization in Abaco. Friends of the Environment, or FRIENDS, has been around since 1988 and offers environmental education opportunities to schools and communities across Abaco such as summer camps, school presentations and field trips, after school programs, and much more.

You may not have heard of the Frank Kenyon Centre for Research, Education, and Conservation (Kenyon Centre), however. The Kenyon Centre is a new branch of FRIENDS that was established to support scientific research and conservation efforts on the island as well as expand environmental education opportunities.

The Kenyon Centre offers affordable dorm-style accommodations to schools, and to people doing research on the island. The Kenyon Centre is proud to run primarily on solar energy, while also featuring propane appliances. Other sustainable additions include LED lighting and responsibly harvested Abaco pine decking.

Since its official opening in April 2015, the Kenyon Centre has hosted 40 institutions studying over 21 different research topics benefitting our knowledge of the Bahamian environment and culture. Researchers staying at the Kenyon Centre have partnered with FRIENDS on environmental summer camps and field courses for teens and adults. These field courses provide participants with an opportunity to participate in field research and learn how this research can help improve conservation and management of natural resources.

FRIENDS also provides logistical assistance to groups visiting the centre, for example schools wishing to experience Abaco’s ecosystems during a class trip. An online catalogue is available for schools wishing to learn about services and opportunities available through FRIENDS.

The Kenyon Centre is open for tours during working hours 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Monday to Friday, or by appointment. For more information, please visit or call (242) 367-0722.