Kissimmee Chain

Bass fishing at this time in the Kissimmee Chain should reach its peak by March or April. Large bass over 8lbs. will be moving in by then. Unstable weather patterns so far this year have made it very difficult for bass anglers to zero in on these trophy class bass. The Kissimmee River past the second lock is producing some nice bass in the 2-7lb. range. A Carolina rigged Senko with a 1-oz. weight is your best bet. In the rest of the chain you can find many good-sized bass in scattered pads. Best baits: Weightless Senkos, Top Water Jerk baits.
Average-sized specks are readily available in the lily pads in 4-5’ of water. A 1/16oz. jig tipped with a minnow or a grub is best at this time.
Lake Rosalie has been on fire with big slabs 13-17” in length. But if you fish this lake, stay in 14’ of water with a slip and rig set at 6-7’ for best results.
Submitted By: Capt Dave Ochs
Waters Edge Fish Camp
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