Kissimmee Chain Capt. Dave Ochs 7/17

Recent rainfalls have raised the Kissimmee Chain almost a foot but we still have a long way to go to get back to normal water levels. Until then, use caution operating your boats. Bass fishing has improved somewhat as the bass are settling in to more of a typical summer feeding pattern. Thick heavy pads in 4’ of water is your best bet at this time on the lake. Although some bass can be taken with top water hard baits and crank baits early in the morning. I’ve seen plenty of evidence of a strong flipping bite early in the day and throughout the day. This is not your typical flipping bite. Finesse flipping is your best bet.6 1/2” culprit ribbon tail with 1/8oz wt or Zoom U Vibe speed worm or trick worm or weightless Senkos are best to use with many of your strikes occurring on the fall of the bait. Bass are also biting very well on the Kissimmee River in the current especially below the second lock. A Carolina rig worm with a 3/8 oz worm or lizard or a Strike King 2.5 square bill crank bait black back and chartreuse is catching some very large bass. Best colors for soft plastics at this time are black and blue, June bug and sweet potato pie swirl.
Good size specks are still being caught but a limit of 25 is hard to come by even at night. Minnows on a slip cork rig set a 7’ in 12-14’ depths after nightfall and early a.m. hours. Trolling small silver spoons or Strike King Betsy minnow for daytime hours in deep water.
Big bream along pad lines and ox bows in the Kissimmee river below the first lock. Red worms or crickets best for this. For fly fishing small popping bugs best.
Submitted By: Capt Dave Ochs
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