Lake Blackshear

by Rusty Parker

Lake Blackshear is always a tough lake to figure out, and this past month is no exception. I usually don’t go searching for bluegills until the full moon in May, but this time for some reason I decided to look for the bluegills about a month early. I am glad I searched for the gills early because I have had the best luck I have ever had on Lake Blackshear. I ended up locating 4 bluegill beds and one shellcracker bed in about a three week time span. You will see in the picture that they were some really big gills. That picture is just a few of the limit that I was lucky enough to catch. I predict that the bream will continue to bed for the next three months. I used crickets for the gills and worms for the shellcrackers.

The way I found these bream beds was by the smell and by trying spots that I usually find them year after year.

The crappie have slowed down just a little for me but I still have reports that they are biting fairly well. The spawn is over and they should be gathering around the deep channel ledges by the time you read this report. I would suggest that you tight line with minnows on the channel ledges with a very slow presentation. They should also be around the docks as it gets hotter.

The catfish are biting great now. Get your favorite catfish attractant and some worms and head to the sand flats in about 8 to 10 feet of water and you should find them.

Be sure not to forget to carry a kid fishing and teach them the sport that you now love. May your catch be large and plentiful. GOD bless everyone and remember that JESUS loves you.