Lake Blackshear March 2017 Forecast

by Rusty Parker

The crappie spawn is just around the corner here on Lake Blackshear. The crappie very rarely spawn in February, but if the weather stays the same, I honestly feel that the spawn will begin by the last week of February.

A lot of fishermen and ladies have been catching a few limits the last few days mainly on the southern end of the lake. With the reports I have been getting most of the slabs are being caught by pushing minnows over deep water structure in water that is averaging about 15 to 28 feet. Now there is some good slabs being caught in some shallow water down close to the dam north of Goat Island by long lining jigs. The best color so far is chartreuse/watermelon/chartreuse and chartreuse/pink/chartreuse.

Sorry to say but I have forgot to get the surface temperature. It’s my “old timers” acting up once again. May your catch be large and plentiful and God bless you all.