Lake Jackson

by Brian Lee

Water temperature: 74-78 degrees, water level: full pool, water clarity: stained/clear.

The dog days of summer are here, this can be one of the hardest times to catch bass on Jackson. Topwater is the key early morning, so run and gun as the fish will be eating. As the sun gets up, stay on the shady banks fishing topwater. Some big bags can be caught early.

Once the sun is high, start looking offshore or points. Schools of spotted bass can be found out deep with some largemouths mixed in. Any deep brush can be golden. Deep diving crankbaits or a big worm Texas rigged will catch them. A variety of baits will produce fish. It’s just a matter if you pull up on the right bank. Don’t be afraid to burn some gas looking for the active fish in the morning.

Till next month tight lines and remember take the time to take a child so they too can enjoy the outdoors.