Lake Martin

Mike Moore catches a 36 pounder with Capt David Hare

by David Hare

Surface temperature: 75 degrees, full pool (490.4), clarity: clear to very clear.

Summer is right here on us! June striper fishing is normally good to fantastic. I personally like it because you still can catch stripers at daylight or at night. I offer two different trips in June. The most popular trip is the night trip which starts at 6:30 PM and ends at 12:30 AM. The night trip is a live bait trip that offers lots of action and is much more comfortable weather wise than the daytime trip. Our boats have state of the art LED underwater light systems to draw the fish to us plus amber caution light systems for your safety. We also have low amp floor lightning for your convenience as well as your safety. All of the boats have spreader lights that light up 360 degrees around the boat for filming videos while you’re fighting these huge stripers. Yes, you could say if it helps the client, the guide and for sure the fishing, then it is on our fleet of guide boats. Try a night trip with us. I think you will love it! Don’t forget that we offer dockside pick up, lakeside restaurant transportation during your trip or pretty much can customize your trip to your own needs.

Our other trip we offer in June is an early morning trip. The morning trip offers both live baiting and down rigger trolling with artificial lures. The artificial trolling may not produce as good a quality fish as live baiting, but it can at times produce a lot of action real quick and sometimes the quantity is awesome. So if you’re an early riser, then this trip may be for you! Our morning trips start at 4:30 AM and are over at 10:00 AM.

Now, to tell you some areas to fish in June if you are fishing on your own. I suggest for night trips the pier lights that are in deeper areas of the lake and casting multiple types of crankbaits. I personally like Shad Raps in June for the day trips. Again, I highly suggest early morning, then by mid-morning give it to pleasure boaters and the Sun Gods. Try trolling with down riggers and or deep running baits at 2-3 mph. The fish will let you know which they prefer that day. You are going to need to run the major channels where the water is deep, cool and clear. If you haven’t done this before, you can find several trolling videos on the internet that have lots of good information.