Lake Martin June 2019

April and May fishing on Lake Martin for stripers was very productive and exciting. We (our clients) boated a 47,36,35, and 33-pounder. Numerous 20 to 30 pounders and a load of 8-15 pounders were also caught. Not all, but the majority of our trips limited out and we were averaging 25 trips per week. So that tells you that the striper fishing here is very good.

June fishing will be an early morning and late evening bite. The late evening bite can even run thru the night. Stripers should be concentrated mainly on the lower ends of the lake in the deeper cooler waters. Lake Martin Full Pool 491, Clear to Very Clear 85° Surface Temp.

Weekdays due to weekend recreational traffic should be more productive but if you have to fish weekends (which my guide service does 7 days a week) I would plan to be off the water by noon. Past noon is about as late as your going to get a repeated productive striper bite, however you may want to try the night bite (again weekday nights work much better than a Saturday night). If you try night fishing on your own and not with a well-known respectable guide or guide service that knows the waters then you must be very observant of other vessels , have all your lights in working order , wear your PFD , try to have a spotter or spotters helping you watch for other vessels or floating debris, never ever operate your vessel under the influence of any substance including alcohol. There are a lot of inexperienced boat operators on all lakes and at night those same operators become even more dangerous to their self and others. Accidents are preventable in most cases we just all need to be at the top of our game while enjoying what our beautiful lake has to offer.

If you find yourself needing help call 911, and they will help get the right response team to you in a timely manner. If your out of gas, dead battery, or needing a tow call Towboatus/LakeMartin 256-307-1313 , of all of this sounds overwhelming to you just to go fishing then call Alex City Guide Service at 256-401-3089 and let them help you enjoy your trip by taking the burden off your back.
Until next time catch one for me .

Capt. David B. Hare
Alex City Guide Service
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