Lake Seminole Forecast

Paul Tyre

Lake Level: 8” below full pool
Lake Temp: 88 degrees
Clarity: Stained and Clearing

The Bass Fishing on Lake Seminole has been incredible this summer. The Top Water bites have been amazing. Three (3) baits have been very productive, a Frog, a Buzz Bait and a Walking Bait. A KVD Sexy Frog and a KVD Poppin’ Perch have worked well over the top and through the holes of the topped-out hydrilla.
It takes the right equipment to properly cast a Frog. To get the Big Bass out of the thick grass, braided line is a must. You’ll need at least 50 lb. line, I prefer 65 lb. line on a heavy action rod, at least 7 feet long, to wrestle the Bass out of the grass. A high speed reel, at least 7.1.1, helps too.
The Buzz Baits have been getting some aggressive strikes along the edges of the grass lines on the main lake. I prefer a Strike King Tour Grade Buzz Bait in White and Chartreuse. When fishing a Buzz Bait on Lake Seminole, you’ll want to use at least 50 lb. braided line to get a good hook set. A 7’ medium heavy rod is a great tool for this.
A Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg has been seeing some great action this summer too. This bait has a unique sound that drives the Big Bass crazy. I like to throw this bait on a 7’ medium action rod with 30 lb. braided line and I replace the back treble hook with a feathered treble hook.
I have had quite a few guide trips with several Big Bass being caught. One husband and wife team, Chase and Brittany Crowe, who came up from middle Florida, caught several Big Bass while out on Lake Seminole using the techniques I described. They were happy with their catches and promised to come back again for another trip soon.
The Bream and the Shellcracker are still bedding strong on the lake. They’re being taken on Red Wigglers around Mayfly hatches, which are still hatching. The Mayfly hatch has been really productive this summer, resulting in a lot of fish being caught and coming across the docks at Wingate’s Lunker Lodge.

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