Lake Sinclair

by Matt Henry

Lake Sinclair is down.72 feet with the water clear and the temperature in the 70’s.

Bass fishing is good. There are a lot of bass back in shallow water feeding. Topwater baits and spinnerbaits have been especially good during the last few days. Popping baits like Pop Rs and Chug Bugs and prop baits like a Torpedo and a Devil Horse are working. Start the morning in more clear water till the bite slows and then move to stained water and give it a try. The top water bite has lasted all day during a couple days recently. Try the Strike King Redeye Shad Bait gold black back 0.25 ounce. Spinner baits have done well on mornings with wind and a choppy surface. Lowrance Structure can and Down Scan technology unlocks the areas where the fish live.

If the bite slows or stops, try using a lightweight Texas rig in the same areas around any cover present. Rip rap along the roadway bridges are holding fish that are hitting crankbaits, spinnerbaits, Texas rigs and jig head and worm rigs. Docks and boathouses are still holding bass that are mostly hitting Texas rigged worms. Fish the summer humps, points and ledges. Large crankbaits like Norman DD22, Poe’s 400 and Fat Free Shads are good choices when the fish are real active, especially during power generation. Carolina rigs and Texas rigs are the other primary choices for these deep fish.