Legislative Watch

While most of us get ready for the holidays, our legislators in Congress and in state houses around the country have been active. The so-called “Lame Duck” session of Congress included action on several issues that are important to recreational fishermen. Unfortunately, however, Congress failed to approve the Sportsmen’s Act before leaving town. That, and several other issues, will still need to be resolved in 2017 and potentially beyond.

Outdoor REC Act

With the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016, better known as the REC Act, being signed into law on December 8, the effects of the outdoor recreation industry on the national economy will finally be tracked. By now, you’ve probably heard the numbers – 6.1 million jobs, $646 billion generated annually, etc…

But where does fishing fit in?

Water Bill Passage a Mixed Bag

The U.S. Senate joined the House in passing a maritime infrastructure bill that drew a mixed reaction from the recreational fishing community. The Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act (WIIN) addresses our harbors, dams, and flood protection as well as other water resources.

The good news is that it includes over two billion dollars for restoration of the Everglades and the water flows so critical to healthy fisheries in Florida.

However, it also includes some disappointing language that diverts water away from struggling salmon species in California and targets other sportfish for eradication.

The 12 Days of Fish-mas!

Everyone knows the words to the Christmas carol “The 12 Days of Christmas.” And while a “partridge in a pear tree” was probably a really great gift back in 1780 when the lyrics were written, most of us today would probably rather receive some cool fishing gear.

That’s why Keep America Fishing created the 12 Days of Fish-mas.

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